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We help administrators get more done.

Free up administrator and staff time by having TAXervice professionally manage your tax arrears recovery.

If you have arrears, just send us the list of properties and we will take care of everything from there. Even if you’ve started the process, we can finish it. Time spent determining tax recovery procedures, filing documents with land titles, and sending notices can be devoted to other administrative duties.

We take on even the most difficult assignments.

Relieve administration and council from having to deal with challenging individuals and complicated situations.

Our team is purpose-built to handle tax recovery matters that require professional research skills, legal expertise, and comprehensive knowledge of property tax legislation. We have experience dealing with owners that are missing, deceased, divorced, bankrupt, or dealing with hardship. Administrators can rely on our expertise to provide a clear and effective course of action for each unique situation.

Recover arrears faster without any cost to you.

TAXervice will recover long-standing arrears and regular arrears more quickly with no cost to the municipality.*

On average, one half of ratepayers will pay within 30 days of TAXervice becoming involved. Results vary, however almost 95% ratepayers’ matters will be resolved within 12 months of TAXervice becoming involved. Your municipality will benefit from the improved cash flow!

*Only if the municipality takes title to a property do you pay any fees – and then, the only cost to the municipality is the fees for that particular property.

  • The MD of Pincher Creek outsourced tax recovery for the first time in 2014. Working with TAXervice has been a very positive experience and extremely successful. TAXervice provided a very professional approach, keeping the municipality up-to-date on their processes and outcomes, and any support we required was dealt with in a timely and competent manner.
    Brenda Stockton, Tax Clerk • MD of Pincher Creek
  • TAXervice’s professional, courteous, and efficient service has generated fantastic results for both the Town of Outlook and the RM of Rudy. Delinquent taxes have been collected at twice the success rate as when the municipalities were handling tax enforcement. I would recommend TAXervice to any municipality that is seeking assistance with Tax Enforcement.
    Trent Michelman, Municipal Manager • RM of Rudy & Town of Outlook
  • TAXervice takes the stress out of property tax enforcement.  Their courteous and efficient staff handle all stages of tax arrears recovery.  Correspondence with delinquent tax payers is professional, but firm, resulting in a high rate of tax recovery.  TAXervice are good ambassadors fulfilling difficult tasks that must be handled in order that municipalities collect all levied taxes.
    Rod Krips, CAO • Town of Daysland
  • Since the City of Brandon started using the services of TAXervice, the time spent by the City’s employees has been significantly reduced and the frustration of dealing with strict Land Titles requirements and difficult property owners has been largely eliminated. We felt that using a professional service resulted in properties being redeemed much sooner than in the past.
    Grant McMillan, GM of Corp. Services & City Treasurer • City of Brandon


By having TAXervice manage your tax arrears recovery process, you get the expertise of an entire team of professionals working for you.

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